Interview with John Scalzi

Session #112 – Sci-Fi Author John Scalzi – WGA Claims Dismissed – Steven Soderberg/DGA Covid Committee – AMC vs NBCU – Disney owns Star Wars Tweets

In this session of Writers Group Therapy, we interview interview John Scalzi, the Hugo-Award Winning, NY Times & Amazon Best Selling science fiction author. Also WGA has claims dismissed – Steven Soderberg and DGA Covid-19 Planning – Unions ask for deductions back – NBCU vs AMC – and more!

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Unions Ask Congress to Restore Business Expense Deductions for Hollywood Workers
Steven Soderberg to Head DGA Covid-19 Committee
Writers Guild Suffers Big Loss as Court Dismisses Almost All Its Claims Against Agencies
Disney isn’t trying to steal your Star Wars tweet
AMC vs NBCUniversal

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