Jump The Shark

Session #87 – Jump the Shark

It’s not everyday that a TV show makes it to four seasons, let alone seven, or 10, or even, as record holder The Simpsons currently stands, 30. In this session, we discuss what makes a show go the distance. Why doesn’t it “jump the shark”?

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Session 83 - What's Happening In Hollywood

Session #83 – What’s Happening In Hollywood?

The past few months in Hollywood have been CRAZY! In today’s session, we discuss what’s going on between the WGA (Writers Guild of America) and the ATA (Association of Talents Agents), the college admissions scandal and the stars caught up in the sting, the dumping on Netflix by the Academy, actors and directors, and Disney’s takeover of 20th Century Fox. Writers Group Therapy – Session 83 – What’s Happening In Hollywood? SHOW NOTES: Hollywood Reporter: As Academy Confronts Netflix Question…Hollywood Reporter: Over 7,000 Writers Fire Their Agents…Hollywood Reporter: As Layoffs Arrive, Disney and Fox Staff Voice FrustrationsHollywood Reporter: College Admissions Scandal Sparks Hollywood Panic…

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Tom's Adventures In Wonder Con

Session 82 – Tom’s Adventures in Wonder Con

Wonder Con, produced in the Spring in Anaheim, California by the same company that produces San Diego Comic Con (i.e. the mothership of all comic cons), provides opportunities for writers to network and learn, as well as have a lot of fun. Tom shares his experiences from his trip to Wonder Con 2019 in this week’s session. Writers Group Therapy – Session 82 – Tom’s Adventures in Wonder Con SHOW NOTES:Wonder Con Website: https://www.comic-con.org/wca

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How to Be a Relationship Pro

Session #78 – How to be a Relationship Pro

How do you build relationships like a pro in the industry? Do you send holiday gifts? Birthday cards? Friend on Facebook? Why professional relationships are important and how to maintain them in this week’s session. Share your experiences below! Writers Group Therapy – Session 78 – How to be a Relationship Pro SHOW NOTES: None this episode

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