Notes Etiquette

Session #69 – Notes Etiquette

Getting notes on your projects can be a harrowing experience. How you give them is just as important. In today’s session, we discuss how to deal with notes from both sides. Writers Group Therapy – Session 69 – Notes Etiquette SHOW NOTES: None this session.

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Newbie Guide to Screenwriting

Session #68 – Newbie Guide to Screenwriting

You’ve dashed your parents’ hopes and decided you want to be a screenwriter. We often get asked questions from people who, not too far in the distant past, we were: The Newbie Screenwriter. So, for our listeners who are bravely embarking on this great adventure, this session is dedicated to you. To help you get over those first few speed bumps, we’ve outlined the very basics you need to grasp and some pitfalls to avoid. Be sure to check out the useful links in the notes below to guide you. Writers Group Therapy – Session 68 – Newbie Guide to Screenwriting SHOW NOTES: Simply Scripts (scripts to read): Script Formatting at Story Sense: The Three Act Structure: Big Ideas for Screenwriters: Session #64 – Podcasts and YouTube for Screenwriters The Flying Wrestler Blog by Erik Bork And, of course, every other session of Writers Group Therapy! 

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Session #67 - Handling Rejection

Session #67 – Handling Rejection

We will undoubtedly receive a mountain of “no’s” and “passes” before, if ever, we get our first “YES!” How you handle rejection can make or break you in the business of screenwriting, or books, magazines, blocks, advertising, etc. 

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