Writer As Actor

Session #9 – Writers as Actors

Actors are the ones that bring your finished project to life, but it’s surprising how little writers understand an actor’s world. We discuss the importance of trying out the #actorslife so you can be a better writer.

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Good vs. Evil

Session #8 – Good v Evil

Once upon a time, there was a good, beloved king and an evil witch… until they wanted to switch places and cause havoc in the way audiences view the world. We discuss the evolution of good guys and villains in media, then and now.

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Session #6 – Outlining

Your English teacher made you do this all the time in school. You hated it then, you hate it now. But now at least you realize the importance of a good outline. Or is it just an antiquated exercise? We discuss how and why outlining (still) matters. Writers Group Therapy – Session 6 – Outlining SHOW NOTES:Syd Field’s 3 Act Structure Resources on Amazon.comBig Ideas for Screenwriters – Writing Consultant Barri Evins

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Session #4 – Streaming

We discuss the newest developments in the world of streaming TV and films, and the implications for writers looking to break in.  Writers Group Therapy – Session 4 – Streaming SHOW NOTES: None for this episode.

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Plot Diagram

Session #2 – Plot Development

It all starts with a good story… which means a good start, a strong finish, and knowing how to get there. We discuss how to develop an absolutely awesome, totally kick ass plot that your audience will love. Writers Group Therapy – Session 2 – Plot Development SHOW NOTES:Big Ideas for Screenwriters – Writing Consultant Barri Evins

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Get Your Writers Group Therapy

Writers Group Therapy is a new podcast by writers for writers. We’ll cover topics all writers in Hollywood, or anywhere really, run into, like Writers Block, Creative Strong Characters and Plot Development. Writers Group Therapy – Writers Group Therapy Promo

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