Session #23 – Mentoring

How, when and where do you get a writing mentor? What makes a good mentor? Are you a mentor? Join us in this week’s session all about mentors. SHOW NOTES:Barri Evins’ Big Ideas for Screenwriters: http://bigbigideas.comErik Bork’s The Flying Wrestler: http://www.flyingwrestler.comMarc & Elaine Zicree’s Supermentors:

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Session 22 – Focusing On One Project vs. Multiple Projects

Do you focus all your time and effort into crafting the perfect script for your passion project? Or do you write anything and everything until your eyeballs bleed? We discuss where we fall on the continuum of working on one project to multiple projects in this week’s session of Writers Group Therapy. SHOW NOTES: None this episode

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Session #21 – Grammar

They’res nuthing woors then ungood gramer! Of course you want people to be enthralled by your characters and story, and not distracted by your poor punctuation, but writing with proper grammar also can make a difference in how an actor reads a line and how it impacts the other characters in the scene. We discuss the myriad of reasons to check and double-check your work for proper grammar.  SHOW NOTES: None for this episode.

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Session #20 – Copyright

How, and when, do you protect your work? Do you need to file for a copyright? With the Writers Guild? We discuss the hows and whens of copyrighting your script. SHOW NOTES:U.S. Copyright Office online registration system – www.copyright.govWriters Guild of America West – www.wga.orgWriters Guild of America East –

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Diversity in Animation

Session #19 – Animation and Diversity

Is it easier to push a political or social agenda writing for animated films and TV shows than in writing for live action? We discuss Jem & the Holograms, Gummy Bears, Smurfs, A Bug’s Life and everything Pixar and more. SHOW NOTES: No notes for this episode.

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Session #18 – Coverage

What is coverage? Is it necessary? Why do you need it? We discuss the pros and cons of getting your scripts covered. Show Notes:Articles on Script Coverage – Is it worth it? When is the right time to get analysis? Why You Shouldn’t Use a Script Coverage ServiceThe Value of Good Script Coverage 

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Keeping an Idea File

Session #17 – Keeping an Idea File

You have the ideas. Now what do you do with them? We discuss how and why to keep an idea file. SHOW NOTES:Google Keep: – I (Tom) just discovered this free note keeping app from Google.Evernote: – Evernote syncs all your notes between all your devices and computer.  Free basic or premium upgrades available.Writer’s Journals – Planners and journals to keep your ideas in the old fashioned way

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New Years Resolution

Session #16 – New Year’s Resolutions

Do you have your new year’s resolutions ready? Yeah, neither do we – We have something better! We discuss some great ways to kick off 2018. Show Notes:Shop Daily Planners to keep track of screenwriting contests, fellowships, awards, and festivals.Google Docs Calendar for digital trackingThe Writers Block – Interested in our North Hollywood writer’s group? Email for more info.

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Happy Hanukkah

Session #14 – Hanukkah

Happy Hanukkah! Keep those creative juices flowing with these fun writing prompts for the holiday (8 prompts for the 8 days of Hanukkah). Post your ideas below!  Show Notes: None Photo by Adiel Io

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