Session #23 – Mentoring

How, when and where do you get a writing mentor? What makes a good mentor? Are you a mentor? Join us in this week’s session all about mentors. SHOW NOTES:Barri Evins’ Big Ideas for Screenwriters: http://bigbigideas.comErik Bork’s The Flying Wrestler: http://www.flyingwrestler.comMarc & Elaine Zicree’s Supermentors:

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Session #20 – Copyright

How, and when, do you protect your work? Do you need to file for a copyright? With the Writers Guild? We discuss the hows and whens of copyrighting your script. SHOW NOTES:U.S. Copyright Office online registration system – www.copyright.govWriters Guild of America West – www.wga.orgWriters Guild of America East –

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Diversity in Animation

Session #19 – Animation and Diversity

Is it easier to push a political or social agenda writing for animated films and TV shows than in writing for live action? We discuss Jem & the Holograms, Gummy Bears, Smurfs, A Bug’s Life and everything Pixar and more. SHOW NOTES: No notes for this episode.

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Session #18 – Coverage

What is coverage? Is it necessary? Why do you need it? We discuss the pros and cons of getting your scripts covered. Show Notes:Articles on Script Coverage – Is it worth it? When is the right time to get analysis? Why You Shouldn’t Use a Script Coverage ServiceThe Value of Good Script Coverage 

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Session #7 – Writing with Production in Mind

If you want to be a great writer, you have to be a great… producer? If you want to sell your script, you do! Learn what producers are looking for so you can write a script that stands out. SHOW NOTES:Current SAG Rates – Go to for current TV, commercial, music video, etc. rates

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