Steven Smith is back for another interview!

Session #109 – Living and Working in Hollywood in Covid 19 times with Steven Smith

In this session, one of our favorite guests is back, screenwriter, producer, documentarian and author Steven Smith, to discuss working in Hollywood in Covid 19 lockdown times. Steven is a 4-Time Emmy nominee; producer and writer of over 200 documentaries for television, home video and other media. He has authored two books, his newest coming out in May, is the biography “Music by Max Steiner: The Epic Life of Hollywood’s Most Influential Composer.” Writers Group Therapy – Session 109 – WGT Live – Author/Documentarian/Producer Steven Smith – Living and Working in Hollywood in Covid-19 times SHOW NOTES: This was recorded live via Zoom meeting and streamed on our Facebook page so the audio may be inconsistent. We are sorry for the inconvenience but we edited as best we could for your listening pleasure.

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Session 108 – WGT Live – Hollywood working virtually – Covid 19 vs Hollywood – WGA says no strike in May – Paradigm signs WGA agreement

In this session, we discuss writing about a crisis IN the middle of the crisis, increased copyright fees, Hollywood working virtually, WGA news, and more. Writers Group Therapy – Session 108 – WGT Live – Hollywood working virtually – Covid 19 vs Hollywood – WGA says no strike in May – Paradigm signs WGA agreement This special session was recorded live to Facebook. Watch the video at Show Notes:Writers Group Therapy on Fee Schedule: Virtual Screenwriting Summit: May Work Under Expired Contract: Signs WGA Agreement: The Show:

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Expat - A comedy Podcast by Rachanee Lumayno

Session 107 – “Ex Pat” Comedy Podcast, WGA, Covid-19 vs Hollywood, Pilot Season & More

On this session, Tom interviews Rachanee about her new comedy podcast “Ex Pat.” Also, we discuss how Covid-19 is impacting Hollywood and how you can prepare for it, WGA and NBCUniversal, more Pilot Season news, Streamers and Basic Cable channel alliances. Writers Group Therapy – Session 107 – Expat Comedy Podcast – WGA – Covid 19 vs Hollywood – More Pilot Season SHOW NOTES: Covid 19: In the week between recording this episode and publishing it, massive changes swept Hollywood as concerns about the Covid 19 virus have spread. The number of cancellations expanded exponentially since then. So to simplify these notes, this link provides Indiewire’s comprehensive list of cancellations in Hollywood and entertainment.Ex Pat Podcast (with links to the podcast on all platforms, or search for “Ex Pat The Show”): https://www.expattheshow.comBasic Cable buying more reality shows, less scripted, as scripted goes to streamersPeacock Inks Massive Licensing Deal With A+E NetworksWGA East Files Labor Complaint Against NBC Over Shuttered Nonfiction Unit

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Session #93 - Should you write a reboot?

Session #93 – Should you write a reboot?

With studios more risk adverse to original ideas and seemingly rebooting anything under the sun, should you write a reboot? In today’s session, we discuss how writing reboots works for or against you in contests and pitches. Writers Group Therapy – Session 93 – Should you write a reboot? SHOW NOTES: Session #27 – Contest, Fellowships & FestivalsSession #79 – Is it a Sequel, a Remake, or a Rehash?

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Session #89 - Writing Hard Scenes

Session #89 – Writing Hard Scenes

They’re not something we, thankfully, as writers, have personally experienced. So, how do you write scenes depicting rape or abuse, murder or drugs? We discuss in this week’s Writers Group Therapy. Writers Group Therapy – Session 89 – Writing Hard Scenes SHOW NOTES: none this episode

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