Expat - A comedy Podcast by Rachanee Lumayno

Session 107 – “Ex Pat” Comedy Podcast, WGA, Covid-19 vs Hollywood, Pilot Season & More

On this session, Tom interviews Rachanee about her new comedy podcast “Ex Pat.” Also, we discuss how Covid-19 is impacting Hollywood and how you can prepare for it, WGA and NBCUniversal, more Pilot Season news, Streamers and Basic Cable channel alliances. Writers Group Therapy – Session 107 – Expat Comedy Podcast – WGA – Covid 19 vs Hollywood – More Pilot Season SHOW NOTES: Covid 19: In the week between recording this episode and publishing it, massive changes swept Hollywood as concerns about the Covid 19 virus have spread. The number of cancellations expanded exponentially since then. So to simplify these notes, this link provides Indiewire’s comprehensive list of cancellations in Hollywood and entertainment.Ex Pat Podcast (with links to the podcast on all platforms, or search for “Ex Pat The Show”): https://www.expattheshow.comBasic Cable buying more reality shows, less scripted, as scripted goes to streamersPeacock Inks Massive Licensing Deal With A+E NetworksWGA East Files Labor Complaint Against NBC Over Shuttered Nonfiction Unit

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Santa is freaking out over the new FTC COPPA rules for YouTubers

Session #104 – COPPA is coming to town! – Narrative Podcasts – Holiday Networking & More!

Writers Group Therapy – Session 104 – COPPA – Should you make a Narrative Podcast – PayUpHollywood – Holiday Networking Happy Holidays! In this session, we talk about our awesome listeners on Spotify, networking through the holidays, a #PayUpHollywood update. YouTubers preparing for #COPPA enforcement, and the growth of narrative podcasts and how/why/should you make one.  SHOW NOTES:Verve Raises Assistant Pay (THR.com)#PayUpHollywood Town Hall Reveals Assistants Receive Financial Aid from Parents (THR.com)COPPA: Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (FTC Site News)Podcast Listener Growth Stats (Podcasthost.com) Rachanee’s Stove Mishap

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