Kelley Carter

Session #124 – Interview with Kelley Carter – Entertainment Journalist and Executive Producer

We interview Kelley Carter, the Sr. Entertainment Reporter for ESPN’s “The Undefeated,” about her career, starting from her days at Michigan State University, to the Detroit Free Press and USA Today and now creating a scripted drama for Showtime. SHOW NOTES:ESPN “The Undefeated”Kelley on…Twitter:

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Session #60 – Transplants Web Series Team Interview

Come with us to Los Angeles to meet the team behind the hilarious web series Transplants. We interview the creators; Sara Baum, Brittney Bertier and Trip Langley about the first season, available on YouTube and The On Channel, and about the upcoming season 2 coming this Fall. SHOW NOTES: YouTube: On Channel: Facebook: Twitter: 

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When Shorts Become Features

Session #36 – When Shorts Become Features

Can making a short film help you get your feature film get made? We discuss some case studies of films that have done just that in this week’s session. SHOW NOTES:“Whiplash: From Short to Feature” Dion “Ashes”“Dirty Laundry” (“Punisher” short film”“Alive in Joburg” (basis of “District 9”) Dynamite short film Raindance 7 Shorts that Became Features

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Session #7 – Writing with Production in Mind

If you want to be a great writer, you have to be a great… producer? If you want to sell your script, you do! Learn what producers are looking for so you can write a script that stands out. SHOW NOTES:Current SAG Rates – Go to for current TV, commercial, music video, etc. rates

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