Session #46 – Remaking Nostalgia Television

Everything old is new again…on TV! In the past year, and into the Fall season, reboots of “Magnum PI,” “Charmed,” “Murphy Brown,” “Lost in Space” and many others will hit flat screens everywhere. In this week’s session, we take a writer’s perspective on remaking nostalgic TV classics. SHOW’s Fall 2018-19 Broadcast TV Schedule GridTVByTheNumbers Fall TV 2018 Every New Series…

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Serial vs. Procedural

Session #30 – Serialized vs. Procedural

Is your script serialized or procedural? What? It’s a sitcom! Since when are sitcom’s categorized as either of those? We debate how you categorize your work, whatever genre, in this week’s session of Writers Group Therapy. SHOW NOTES: None this episode.

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