Session #159 - Matthew Gentile - writer/director of “American Murderer”

Session #159 – Matthew Gentile, writer/director of “American Murderer”

This session, we talk with writer/director Matthew Gentile about American Murderer, his new true crime thriller about FBI fugitive Jason Derek Brown. American Murderer is based on the true story of Jason Derek Brown – a charismatic con man turned party king who bankrolls his luxurious lifestyle through a series of scams. When his funds run low and his past catches up with him, he plots his most elaborate scheme yet and, in the process, becomes the FBI’s most unlikely – and elusive – top ten fugitive. UPDATE: Now available on digital and streaming at iTunes and Amazon as well as Vudu, Playstation and Roku. SHOW NOTES: Trailer: Instagram: Website: IMDB: American Murderer:

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Interview with Writer/Producer Travis Joe Dixon

Session #54 – Interview with Writer/Producer/DP Travis Joe Dixon

Travis Joe Dixon, a writer/producer/DP joins us in Session #54 to share his experience behind the keyboard and the camera, and his work on recent timed filmmaking contests. SHOW NOTES: Reach Travis on: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Website:

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