Santa is freaking out over the new FTC COPPA rules for YouTubers

Session #104 – COPPA is coming to town! – Narrative Podcasts – Holiday Networking & More!

Writers Group Therapy – Session 104 – COPPA – Should you make a Narrative Podcast – PayUpHollywood – Holiday Networking Happy Holidays! In this session, we talk about our awesome listeners on Spotify, networking through the holidays, a #PayUpHollywood update. YouTubers preparing for #COPPA enforcement, and the growth of narrative podcasts and how/why/should you make one.  SHOW NOTES:Verve Raises Assistant Pay ( Town Hall Reveals Assistants Receive Financial Aid from Parents ( Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (FTC Site News)Podcast Listener Growth Stats ( Rachanee’s Stove Mishap

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Jump The Shark

Session #87 – Jump the Shark

It’s not everyday that a TV show makes it to four seasons, let alone seven, or 10, or even, as record holder The Simpsons currently stands, 30. In this session, we discuss what makes a show go the distance. Why doesn’t it “jump the shark”?

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Interview with Gustavo Sampaio, Founder and Director of the NoHo Cinefest

Session #76 – Interview NoHo Cinefest Founder Gustavo Sampaio

This week’s session is an interview with Gustavo Sampaio, the Founder and Director of the NoHo Cinefest in North Hollywood, now in its sixth year. He is also a writer, producer, director and editor. We discuss the upcoming festival and his film “GAIA.” Writers Group Therapy – Session 76 – Interview with Gustavo Sampaio, Founder and Director of the NoHo Cinefest SHOW NOTES: NoHo CinefestGustavo on IMDbGustavo on Twitter

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