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Session #194 – Showrunner Ben Roy talks creating Netflix’s “Our Living World”

In this session of Writers Group Therapy we discuss Netflix’s visually stunning and narratively compelling“Our Living World” with award winning producer and show runner Ben Roy. Ben has worked across many genres and platforms, creating content for Channel 4, the BBC, PBS and Animal Planet. He has produced adventure and wildlife shows for Discovery, National Geographic and Smithsonian channels. 

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Am I Okay? with screenwriter Lauren Pomerantz

Session #193 – “Am I Okay?” with screenwriter Lauren Pomerantz

In this session of Writers Group Therapy, we have with us Lauren Pomerantz, the writer of the new comedy feature “Am I Okay?” that streams on Max starting June 6th. Lauren has previously written for TV on The Ellen DeGenes Show, Saturday Night Live and Community. She brings her comedy chops to “Am I Okay,” which  debuted at Sundance in 2022 and stars Dokota Johnson and Sonoya Mizuno. 

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Session #191 - “The Big Bend” with writer/director Brett Wagner

Session #191 – “The Big Bend” with writer/director Brett Wagner

In this session of Writers Group Therapy, we are talking with Brett Wagner, the writer and director of The Big Bend, a thriller borne out of an experience he had with his own family in the deep desert of west Texas. His award winning shorts “Chief” and “Care” appeared at Sundance, the LA International Short Film Festival and received a BAFTA award of excellence, and qualified for the Academy Awards.

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Session #185 - Fast Hollywood

Session #185 – Fast Hollywood

Fashion was the first to get “fast” with “Fast Fashion.” Then saw the rise of “Fast Publishing” and “Fast Music.” Is Hollywood the next creative realm to get to the cheap and trendy treatment? We discuss what is “fast” and how it’s going to come for Hollywood.

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