Session #60 – Transplants Web Series Team Interview

Come with us to Los Angeles to meet the team behind the hilarious web series Transplants. We interview the creators; Sara Baum, Brittney Bertier and Trip Langley about the first season, available on YouTube and The On Channel, and about the upcoming season 2 coming this Fall. SHOW NOTES: YouTube: On Channel: Facebook: Twitter: 

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When Shorts Become Features

Session #36 – When Shorts Become Features

Can making a short film help you get your feature film get made? We discuss some case studies of films that have done just that in this week’s session. SHOW NOTES:“Whiplash: From Short to Feature” Dion “Ashes”“Dirty Laundry” (“Punisher” short film”“Alive in Joburg” (basis of “District 9”) Dynamite short film Raindance 7 Shorts that Became Features

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Session #7 – Writing with Production in Mind

If you want to be a great writer, you have to be a great… producer? If you want to sell your script, you do! Learn what producers are looking for so you can write a script that stands out. SHOW NOTES:Current SAG Rates – Go to for current TV, commercial, music video, etc. rates

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