Playstation Emerging Filmmaker Finalist Roundtable

Session #114 – Playstation Emerging Filmmaker Program Finalist Roundtable

We round up most of the finalists of the 2017 Playstation Emerging Filmmaker Program, of which Tom was one, to see how their various experiences since the contest unfolded. How did winning/or not winning, affect their screenwriting career?

Shira Rosenweig, Orthus
Shira on YouTube
Watch: Orthus

Vanessa King, Two Roads, written with Miranda Sajak
Twitter: @manhattancanuck
Watch: Two Roads

Max Cannon, Banned in Boise, created with Brandon Sullivan
Twitter: @IAmMaxCannon
Watch: Banned in Boise

Tyler Terribile & Daniel Omrani – The Sweet Shop
Toasted Entertainment on YouTube
Instagram: @ToastedEntertainment
Tyler on Twitter: @TylerTerribile
Dan on Twitter: @domrani

Rob Sorensen, The Forgotten Coast, written with Zac Loveland
Rob on Twitter: @therobsorensen

Kevin Qian & Bryce Irvin, Indigo
Kevin on: Twitter @crimson_qian & Instagram @kevin_qian_tho
Bryce on Twitter: @bryceirvin

Playstation Emerging Filmmaker Program:

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