Year 4 - That's a Wrap!

Session #135 – Year 4 – That’s a Wrap! Wordcursion and Heir of Amber and Fire

Looking for some Summer reading or a new game to while away the hours? This session, we discuss our recent projects; Rachanee’s new YA fantasy novel “Heir of Amber and Fire” and Tom’s just launched head-to-head mobile word find game “Wordcursion.” Both are available at links below in the show notes. This session marks the end of our 4th year! We’ll be on Summer break for a the next couple months. Look for new sessions in August. Thanks for listening!

Wordcursion on Google Play
Wordcursion Website
Follow @Wordcursion on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook for iOS launch news and updates

About “Heir of Amber and Fire”
Jennica is a princess on the run. On the run from an arranged marriage. On the run from a king whose mysterious plans could completely destroy her beloved home, the magical kingdom of Calia. And, she hopes, she’s running toward the truth of her heritage. To uncover the mysteries of her past, Princess Jennica will have to rely on a dragon seeker and his team to lead her to the creature who once kidnapped her mother. But how can she fully trust her allies, when she knows she must betray them?

“Heir of Amber and Fire” is the first book in the Kingdom Legacy series.
Available online at these e-bookstores
Get it for Kindle at Amazon
Visit Rachanee’s website ( and follow her on Twitter and Instagram for book updates

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