Session #28 – Interview with Dan O’Shannon

In a very special session of Writers Group Therapy, we interview veteran comedy writer and executive producer Dan O’Shannon. Having written for some of the most iconic and successful comedies in TV history (Modern Family, Cheers, Newhart, Fraiser, and many more), we are excited to learn from Dan’s experience in Hollywood and the writers’ room.

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Session #27 – Screenwriting Contests, Fellowships & Festivals

It’s that time again! No, not Spring, well, yeah, almost, but here on Writers Group Therapy it’s Screenwriting Contest, Fellowship and Festival season. Now is the time you should be getting your spec scripts done to submit to the big fellowships in May and June as well as the other screenwriting contests and festivals. We discuss what, when and how to write in this week’s session.

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Session #21 – Grammar

They’res nuthing woors then ungood gramer! Of course you want people to be enthralled by your characters and story, and not distracted by your poor punctuation, but writing with proper grammar also can make a difference in how an actor reads a line and how it impacts the other characters in the scene. We discuss the myriad of reasons to check and double-check your work for proper grammar. 

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